Crate Training

Description of skills: CRATE TRAINING

Crate training means teaching your dog to recognize his/her crate as a safe, comfortable, and desirable place to rest. Well-trained dogs happily move into their crates when asked and peacefully rest there until they are released, even when the door remains open. Many dogs that are well trained in this area prefer to sleep or rest in their crates and will move in and out of them throughout the day. Crates are an important tool in keeping rambunctious young puppies out of trouble when you cannot directly supervise them. Crates can also be used to safely transport dogs in trucks or the backs of vans and SUVs. Crating your dog may also become necessary if he or she becomes sick or injured and requires complete rest. My Border Collie Cassie loved her crate that was draped with a sheet. When she was totally fed up with the rest of us she would enter her crate with her tail raised high thus catching the edge of the sheet and closing the door behind her. Later when she felt like socializing again, she would simply nose the door open and rejoin the family. Crate trained dogs don’t necessarily need their crates their entire lives. My dog Mia outgrew her crate (emotionally, not physically) at a year old while my dog Cassie used hers for approximately 4 years.

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