Group Classes

California School For Dogs Inc. offers several different types of classes:

Training Walks Drop in and join us anytime

Wednesday’s from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

August 20 Starbucks at La Cumbre Plaza.

Training walks last 1 hour and contain 6 to 10 dogs each. Durng the walks we work on proper greetings (dog to dog and dog to human) leash walking skills, using basic obedience skills in public and anything else that comes up. These walks are particularly good for dogs who have basic obedience skills but need to work on these skills in different environments and dogs who have developed issues while walking such as barking, fears, and/or aggression. We take a different walk each week and explore interesting places in and around the Santa Barbara area.

These walks are drop in only. Simply show up at the designated area and pay the $20.00 fee. We leave right at 3:00pm so don’t be late.

Basic Obedience Classes

Next class begins early next year

Our six-week basic obedience class covers all of the basic skills your dog needs to know to become a well-behaved member of your family. These skills include name recognition, come, sit, down, stay, proper greetings, loose leash walking, socialization and more.

This class is particularly good for puppies (12 weeks and older) and newly adopted dogs, and older dogs that seem to have forgotten everything they once knew. This training encourages bonding between a dog and his/her human and sets the stage for many good years to come.

Intermediate Obedience Classes

Next class begins Oct. 20

Our six-week intermediate obedience class takes basic obedience to a whole new level. In this class you and your dog learn to perform increasingly difficult behaviors while increasing your dog’s ability to perform behaviors for longer periods of time and in increasingly difficult situations.

This course is great for dogs who have completed a basic obedience class and who would benefit from continued training and greater challenges.

Obedience Classes 2012

Basic Obedience Classes: $125.00

Saturday Septemer 1 – Satuday October 6th

Intermediate Obedience Classes: $150.00

Additional classes will be added as the need arises. Specialty classes can also be scheduled depending you and your dog’s needs. All classes run for 6 consecutive weeks (unless interrupted by a holiday).

The cost of a Basic Obedience Class is $125.
The cost of an Intermediate Obedience Class is $150.

In all of our classes we provide:

  • Expert instruction
  • In-depth learning
  • Positive Reinforcement-Based Training Methods
  • The opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your dog
  • Age appropriate social skills.

In each of our class you gain:

  • Teaching skills that are fun and easy to use
  • Insight into your dog’s behaviors
  • A well trained, happy dog
  • A companion you are proud of
  • A cherished family member

All dogs participating in classes at the California School For Dogs inc. must have proper vaccinations and an adult to work with them. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate in training but must be supervised by an adult.

For more information regarding class materials or to sign up for a class please contact us at 805-448-3735 or californiaschoolfordogs@cox.netr