Kind Words and Testimonials

Kind Words and Testimonials





Our family discovered Susan’s patient help, our two teenage Coor Dogs (Beau and Bell) learned how to happily “mind their manners.” Couldn’t have done it without her. Before Susan was called in they were eating every chicken in sight.

We are forever thankful!

Thanks Mary

“Like most dog owners, I didn’t understand that my dogsbehavior
was a result of problems coming from my end of the leash.
I didn’t really know what I was doing and all I managed to do was toDoberman Pincher Ashley confuse Ashley, our 80 # fear aggressive shelter Doberman. Susan Dalton was patient, intuitive, kind and forgiving-and I’m talking about what she did for me. Ashley was, of course, all the better for it. Ashley was fearful of most everything and would snap and lunge to keep people away. Susan taught me how to talk to Ashley, how to encourage good behavior, discourage bad behavior-all while reinforcing the positive and speaking with a soft voice. Ashley and I have a ways to go, but we are making great progress and she is now a delight to take on walks.”

UPDATE: Had Ashley at the Tuckers Grove dog park. Other dogs there, but she ignored them most of the time. A couple with two dogs was getting ready to leave. He recognized me and stopped to talk. Ashley had not met him before. Ashley walked through the conversation a couple of times, he rubbed her as she passed and at one point, Ashley returned to stand in front and alongside him. He bent and reached down to rub her ears, Ashley turned her face up and licked his face. Ashley has never done that before. I remembered what you said about how the dog will sense your feelings and realized if I demonstrated anxiety Ashley would incorporate that too. So although I was a little apprehensive about him leaning into her, I let it happen. I was cognizant of Ashley’s body language, how she held her mouth and how she was responding and it was all positive. Quite rewarding.

We are forever thankful!
Thanks. Pedro Nava


Susan was not only a great teacher to our children (Caymus and Cain) but a great
teacher to us as well. It was so wonderful working with her to get our whole family
Tessie prepped for the wedding day. Caymus and Cain were such wild little pups, we were truly concerned that they were not going to be able to participate in our wedding ceremony. Susan never doubted that they would be able to come to the call of duty. And sure enough she was right, after only a few weeks of training, the boys were able to walk down the isle with no problem at all. It meant so much to us that they were there on our big day, and we couldn’t have done it without Susan!

We are forever thankful!

The Masons (Tessie, Blake, Caymus and Cain)


I just wanted to say thank you. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to enjoy Jade
our border collie everyday like we do. You took our out of control 3 month old puppy
Jade and transformed her into a pleasant companion that I can take with me every
where. Not only that, but you helped me build a relationship with her again after she was sick and my whole family was at their limits. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for us with Jade. She is truly a whole different dog with your help and training.

Sincerely, Elyse Narozonick


We are thankful every day for the instruction you gave us for our Lhaso Apso Oscar
that we adopted from DAWG last November. After just 2 sessions we have the
perfect dog and the skills to deal with most any issues that may come up. BearWalking him is a joy and every day he makes us laugh. Your services are priceless and we can’t thank you enough.

John & Tracy Bear


Instant results on specific training issues, that’s what you get at the California School
for Dogs inc. In one session, my Dalmatian Folly (10 years of age) changed from an
aggressive, snarling dog to a dog able to play at the dog park calmly with other dogs. Susan Dalton, owner and trainer, quickly identified Folly’s behavior as fear based aggression and immediately knew how to fix the problem. She has worked this same magic in other areas as well, showing me a happy way to get my dogs to obey. She always uses positive reinforcement, never punishment and gets great results.

Eleanor Winters, Dalmatian owner and breeder


Our Cavalier Jessie loves her sessions with her trainer! Susan has
knowledge, skill and patience, and thanks to her, Jessie is now very

Carol Keator and Cheri Gurse


Ginger and I have been very lucky to have Susan as our trainer! She
gave me the tools to have a happy well-behaved Dalmatian. Not only
did she come over to the house but would go to places around town to
help with Gingers shyness and behavior on the leash.Thank you Susan for
everything you have shown us!

Ayres Mitchell