Private Trainning

Private Training

California School For Dogs Inc. offers individual instruction that is based on the idea that dogs learn best when they are positively reinforced for good behavior. Individual training is appropriate for dog owners who simply prefer one-on-one instruction as well as those who are addressing certain behavioral problems that are best handled on a one-on-one environment. Even when addressing a dog’s problem behavior – jumping up on people, excessive barking, aggression toward other dogs, or chewing up the house (to name just a few) – positive reinforcement-based training can be used to teach dogs new and appropriate behaviors to replace those bad behaviors that are so frustrating.

We Provide:

  • A free 20 minute in Home Consultation with you and your dog
  • High-quality professional instruction
  • A full discussion of your training options including one-on-one training and class
  • participation opportunities.
  • Training programs that are designed specifically for you and your dog.
  • Compassionate treatment of all dogs regardless of their behavioral problems

You Gain:

  • The power to make an informed decision regarding your best training options
  • The opportunity to work specifically on the dog behavioral issues that concern you the most
  • The knowledge that you and your dog will be treated as a team that deserves caring, compassionate treatment
  • An understanding of exactly how and why positive reinforcement based training works so that you will be able to apply it to any new situation that develops with your dog
  • New bonding opportunities that will strengthen the relationship between you and your dog

For more information about private training, to schedule a free in-home consultation, or to schedule training sessions please contact us at 805-448-3735 or